What is Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening?

Fibroblast is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure, aka a non-surgical or soft face lift. Although new to North America, this procedure has been extremely popular in Europe for the past few years. It not only tightens and lifts the skin, it also provides instant and long-lasting results. This non-invasive treatment stimulates the formation of collagen creating more youthful and healthier skin.

The name Fibroblast comes from one of the most important cells affected during this procedure, the fibroblasts. These cells are targeted using Plasma Pen technology. Plasma particles are charged and create an arc to the skin in targeted areas, instantly shrinking and tightening the skin.

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening results last for years, the same as they do with surgical treatments. Like all cosmetic procedures the effects are not entirely permanent as it cannot stop further aging of the skin.

Fraxel Laser Resurfacing and Surgical Facelifts will cost you thousands of dollars, at a fraction of those prices (similar to the cost of Botox) Fibroblast is an affordable and safe alternative.

What to expect during and after the treatment:

 The average treatment takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size of the area. Numbing cream is applied to help minimize any discomfort that may be felt. A Plasma Pen is then used to create tiny plasma arcs from the pen to your skin, resulting in micro- sized brown dots, that are strategically placed in specific areas to tighten and firm skin.

During and immediately after the treatment you may experience a slight burning sensation and your skin may be sensitive for a few days, similar to a sunburn. Some areas are more prone to swelling than others (especially the eye area). If swelling does occur, it usually disappears within a few days. There will be discoloration to the skin in the form of patches of small brown dots, these will crust over and generally flake away during the first week. 2

It is recommended you do the procedure when you can have a few days to a week off at home to heal (but it is not necessary). You will see immediate results right after, but your best results will begin approximately at around 4-6 weeks after the treatment. Occasionally, depending on the skins condition, two treatments may be required 6-8 weeks apart. It is very uncommon to need more than two treatments.

Most people are safe to drive home right after their appointment, as swelling does not happen until later on that day.

What areas can be treated?

  • Hooded eyelids
  • Bags Under the Eyes
  • Crows Feet
  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)
  • Jowls
  • Neck Skin Tightening
  • Acne or other Scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Hyper pigmentation (age/sun spots)
  • Skin Tags



  • No Injectables
  • No cutting of the skin, no stitches
  • Low-Risk
  • Minimal side effects
  • Short downtime and recovery
  • Quick and easy Procedure
  • No thinning of the skin
  • Significant cost savings compared to alternatives
  • The results last for years


  • Client should be in good health at time of appointment (if sick with a cold or flu, the treatment should be rescheduled)
  • Healing disorders including diabetes
  • Sunburns or tanned skins
  • Darker Skin tones (risk of hyperpigmentation), best on light to medium toned skin
  • Cold sore or fever blister outbreak *(if you are having a lip treatment done, please see your doctor if needed for a prescription and begin taking Valtrex for 4 days prior and 4 days post treatment to avoid an outbreak)
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Pacemakers
  • Any inflammation or rashes in the treatment area
  • Eyelash extensions must be removed if you are having the treatment on your eye area, they can be reapplied after 6-8 weeks.



How long does Microblading or Microshading take?

Your first appointment will take approximately 2-3 hours, though generally it is closer to 2, it is best to book yourself enough time in case it goes over.  This is not something you want to rush…  Your touch up appointment 4-8 weeks later is usually done in 1.5-2 hours.

How long does Microblading last?

Results do vary depending on your skin type and lifestyle, in most cases the results last 1-2 years.

Will I need more than one touch up?

Occasionally some people do require a second touch up procedure, this is generally due to having an oilier skin type, a very sparse natural brow, from not following after care instructions thoroughly or skin that is a bit more resistant to accepting brow pigment. 

Is there an extra charge for touch ups?

Your first touch up in included in the original price of the Microblading session.  If another touch up is required there is a small tray fee of $50-$80 charged depending on how much work is needed at that session.  This touch up must be done within 6 months of your initial procedure.

Does Microblading hurt?

No, because I use a numbing agent twice during the session, the majority of my clients report not feeling  a thing.  Some have even fallen asleep and said it was very relaxing.  Rarely the odd client does not numb well and has stated that it is a little bit uncomfortable and related it to cat scratches. 

What should I avoid so my Microbladed brows do not fade quickly?

Immediately after your session and for two weeks you need to avoid getting your brows too wet, no sweating, saunas, hot tubs, salt water, steamy showers etc.  Also, it’s very important to avoid sun exposure, any products containing Aloe, Retinoids or Retinol, AHAs, Glycolic Acids.  To prevent infection, for one week after you also need to avoid the use of makeup near the brows, this includes foundations and powders, brow pencils and powders.  The brow area needs to be treated like any wound, you need to keep it very clean and allow it to breath.

After your brows have healed you need to continue avoiding sun exposure by applying SPF, as well as avoiding the products listed above as they will fade the tattoo.

“I've had my eyebrows microbladed a few times and this was by far the best experience”

Misty S.


Will eyelash extensions harm my natural lashes?

Not at all, when done correctly there should be no damage to your natural lash.

How long can I wear eyelash extensions for? 

When done right, you should be able to continue wearing for as long as you like with no breaks needed.  The only time a person needs to take a break from eyelash extensions is when they were not applied by a properly trained lash technician and damage has resulted.

How long can I go in between lash fills?   

That is different for everyone, most clients will need them filled every 2-4 weeks. 

Can I use an eyelash curler on my lash extensions? 

It is not recommended to use a lash curler as this can damage the lashes as well as pull them off if you’re not VERY careful.  Instead, I recommend applying a lash extension with more of a curl pattern so they always look beautifully curled.

Can I wear mascara with them? 

Yes, although it is generally not necessary.  If you do choose to add mascara, it is best to avoid using any waterproof ones as they are difficult to remove.

Is there anything I need to avoid while wearing lashes?

Yes, any oil based eye products including makeup remover.  Oils will loosen the bond of the adhesive, resulting in poor retention.

“Very pleased with my brows & have had many compliments. Was able to nap while Lora was working on my brows. Enjoyed a very relaxing experience & will return as needed”

Caroline M.


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a form of gentle exfoliation that uses light, feathery strokes and a sterile- surgical blade. Dermaplaning removes dead, surface skin cells, as well as vellus hairs (AKA peach fuzz) from the face.  It is an alternative to Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

There are numerous, some of which include; deeper product penetration, promotes the production of collagen and elastin resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of brown spots, immediately the skin is more radiant and youthful, removes peach fuzz which traps dirt and oils, makeup glides on and appears smoother, no down-time, painless.

Who is not a good candidate for Dermaplaning?

Anyone with excessively oily skin, or who has active cystic acne.  Clients with multiple raised lesions, as well as anyone with an allergy to nickel.

Is Dermaplaning Safe?

Absolutely, as long as it is preformed by a properly trained, licensed and certified esthetician.

How often can I have Dermaplaning done?

It is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks in between treatments.

What can I expect the day of my treatment?

Your appointment will run between 30-60 minutes.  The procedure itself is painless and requires no down time.  You will be able to apply your make-up immediately afterwards.  The use of a high sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) is highly recommended.

Will my facial hair grow back thicker or darker?

No, this is not possible as the vellus hairs that are removed are a much finer hair type than that of our other body hair.  The follicle and hair type will not be affected, it will grow in the same as it did before.

“It's been 3 weeks since I had the dermaplaning procedure done and I am still in awe of the more youthful glow that has come back to my complexion”

Dodie M.

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